– room for gays and lesbians of Romani origin 


Are you a gay man or a lesbian of Romani origin who doesn’t know how to handle that fact? 

​Have you not “come out” yet?
Are you afraid? Do you not know how to do it? 
Have you “come out” to your family or friends – and do you now have problems because of that?

Contact somebody from our team.
We are able to help!

Are you the friend or parent of an LGBT+ man or woman of Romani origin, and do you not know how to handle that fact?

Has your child already confided to you that he or she is gay or lesbian?
Do you believe your child might have a different sexual orientation? Are you concerned that those around you will ridicule your child because of that?
Do you have a friend who is going through a difficult time associated with “coming out”.

Write us! You are not alone.
The counselling centre for LGBT+ people of Romani origin has been supported with resources from the Open Society Foundation.