“The Roma are on the edge of majority society. LGBT+ people on the edge of Roma society.”

The Romani LGBT+ minority faces discrimination not only on the part of the majority because of ethnicity or sexual orientation but also on the part of the Roma community which is very traditional and perceives homosexuality as something unacceptable. They are sometimes excommunicated from the family or the whole community. Consequently, they become homeless, stay on their own, without their families and friends.

The consultancy I WILL SAY IT provides advice, support and help to the Roma LGBT+ people in the Czech Republic. It offers counselling also to parents who do not know how to come to terms with the coming out of their children. The most frequent cases we solve.


Financial partners of the project

This campaign was created and administered with the financial support of: The European Union for Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC 2014 -2020) and Norway Funds (Bilateral Realtions, Human Rights Program).