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We are the only non-profit organization in Europe dedicated to the LGBTIQ minority’s Romani members and to the issue of their multiple discrimination. Not only do majority societies frequently discriminate against members of this minority because of their ethnic origin or sexual orientation, but also Romani society discriminates against them, because Romani society is usually very traditionally oriented and usually perceives LGBTIQ identity to be something unacceptable. An entire Romani community or family can go so far as to excommunicate an LGBTIQ person, who sometimes ends up alone and homeless, without family or friends.


What are we doing about it?


We are responding to the critical situation of those LGBTI people of Romani origin who are targeted by different forms of disadvantage and of multiple discrimination in such a way as to be displaced from inclusion and integration measures and policies. The peripheral position of this community intensifies their vulnerability and increases the risk that they will be targeted by hate speech, stigmatization, homophobia and lack of acceptance by society overall.

Hiding their sexual orientations and their gender identities is usually the only protection LGBTIQ men and women of Romani origin have against becoming excommunicated or socially isolated. It is, therefore, necessary to increase efforts to remove the barriers to their inclusion, which are known to the public, and to strengthen the interventions defending them so they can enjoy their rights domestically and at European level.
LGBT+ men and women of Romani origin are currently being subjected to multiple discrimination.

With the support of the European Commission, we are striving for systemic change together with our partner organizations, Diverse Youth Network of Hungary and QUO VADIS of Slovakia.


Our aims

To improve the information available to crucial stakeholders about the position of LGBT+ people of Romani origin in selected countries.

To raise awareness and increase the amount of information available to the public about LGBT+ people of Romani origin.

To strengthen the European call for national-level policies on the integration of Romani communities in the Member States so such policies reflect the needs of the diverse composition of the groups representing the population of Roma.

To increase advocacy for applying an intersectional approach to combating discrimination against LGBT+ people of Romani origin.

To consolidate and to expand the functionality of the International LGBT+ Roma Platform.

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QUO Vadis

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EU komise


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