LGBT+ people of Romani origin and their minority status in selected EU Member States (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary)

Currently the amount of information available about the situation of LGTB+ men and women of Romani origin remains quite limited, and not just in the field of their intersectional, multiple discrimination.

At the level of practice, this lack of information means politicians, lawmakers, state administrations and service providers, including non-profit organizations, are unaware of the specific situations of LGBT+ men and women of Romani origin in non-Romani communities (including in LGBT+ communities); they are unaware of what such people need, and they are also unaware of the systemic disadvantage that such people are facing, especially in the context of their being discriminated against at the intersection of homophobia, racism, sexism and transphobia.

The aim of the analytical report is to provide a comprehensive overview of the situation of LGBT+ men and women of Romani origin in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, including the measures and policies supporting them, analysing such measures with regard to intersectional, multiple discrimination and the impact of policies on the quality of life for LGBT+ men and women of Romani origin and their overall involvement in society.
The findings of the analytical report will be available at the close of August 2021 and will be available here for download.