Les Misérables

stage production team
director: Michal Hába
dramaturgy: Martin Sládeček
translation: Zdeňka Pavlousková
decor: Adriana Černá
music: Jindřich Čížek
asistant director: Marek David a Martin Modrý
video: Marek David
photographer: David Konečný
stage manager: Hana Senková

persons and cast:
Madame Thénardier: Růžena Dvořáková
Fantine: Pavlína Matiová
Cosette: Sabina Šlachtová
Eponine: Zdislava Začalová
Javert: Nikolas Ferenc
Monsieur Thénardier: Milan Holenda
Victor Hugo: Dušan Hřebíček
Marius: Dominik Teleky
Jean Valjean: David Tišer
Anarchofresca about the (non)inalienable dignity of man

Souls that have sunk to the bottom of possible troubles, unfortunates lost in the deepest limbo, where no one looks after them anymore... Wretched or wretches? Poor fellows or rascals? Les Misérables!

The story of a man sentenced to the galleys for simply stealing bread is widely known from musical processing. The cheeky production fresco based on the work of the French classic who "has not been left alone by the spirit of social justice", directed by Michal Hába and executed in cooperation with the Ara Art association develops an unexpectedly contemporary socio-critical appeal of a work, which tells about the collective loss of sensitivity to life experience shaped by social problems and uncertainty.

Does it not lead to the erection of virtual and real barricades between people and, finally, to ruthless laws that still make them wretched after a hundred and sixty years? Do we want and can we ever meet the misery of others differently than in romantic musical arrangements? And if so: what role can the revolutionary force of forgiveness play in this meeting?

The production is co-financed by EEA and Norwegian funds.

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