New author’s project by the AraArt theatre troupe DAJORI (Mommy) is a monodrama, that shows life of Romani women on the background of historical events of 20th. century.
The script combines existing literary pieces as well as personal experiences, that were told from one Romani to another and were never written down, backed up by authentic important documents of that time.
Four characters played by one actress will walk the attendee through almost an entire century of before-and-after war Czechoslovakia. Their life stories show what it means to be a Romani woman in a fast-paced society (Romani and Gadjos), that is driven by a craziness without any respect to those, who cannot defend themselves.
Pavlina Matiova is accompanied by actor Michal Zoltak and musicians Milan Kroka, Roman Zorba Horvath and Tibor Zida.
Theatre play has been created via ARTIVISM – CHANCE FOR A BETTER COEXISTANCE ("Artivismus - šance pro lepší soužití") and is financially supported by EHP FUNDS 2014 – 2021, Culture program.

Based on stories and storytellings by Tera Fabianova, Eva Danisova, Ilona Ferkova and Katerina Zidova.
Written by Liza Urbanova, Pavlina Matiova and David Tiser.
Director: David Tiser
Dramaturgy: Liza Urbanova
Starring: Pavlina Matiova, Michal Zoltak
Music and musical accompaniment: Milan Kroka, Roman Zorba Horvath, Tibor Zida
Light design: Michal Kalivoda
Produced by: AraArt, z.s.

Opening night:
05/07/2022 – Roma Heroes theatr festival / Budapest
Czech opening night:
06/01/2022 – Khamoro festival 2022