Gul´i daj

Throughout several seasons this play proved to be a valuable tool for activating the Roma minority not only in excluded localities. It is a Romani play authored by Romani director David Tišer. The play tells a legend about the Romani mythical character "Guľi Daj" (translated as a sweet mother) and discusses the situation of the Roma from their point of view. The theater group performed Gul´i Daj on many stages in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.
Director: David Tišer
Dramaturgy: Pavlína Matiová
Music: Věra Duždová
Production: Veronika Jírů, Ara Art, z.s.
Cast: Pavlína Matiová, Jitka Matiová, Brigita Karolyová, Milan Horváth
Shadow Dance: Jitka MatiováJan Telvák
Duration: 45 minutes
Premiere: September 5, 2011