Pal e marikl’i? 
About pancakes

Three Romani fairy tales, two actors, one story. What happens when the stories about the king who had diamonds sown, the parson and his dog, and the Romani man's deal with the king are mixed into the dough, kneaded and presented to the audience? Will a new fairy tale be baked? And what about the two bakers - do they even know their craft ...? In the new production by the Ara Art theatre group, traditional characters meet contemporary ones, fairy tale situations are intertwined with real ones and the result gives a glimpse into the world of Romani folk storytelling.

Directed by David Tišer
Dramaturgy: Líza Urbanová
Cast: Michael Žolták, Nikolas Ferenc
Premiere: 6 April 2023, Prague
Length of performance: 30m