Filip Sochor: The Heart Paints – O Jilo maľinel

7–20 December 2022, Prague (Karlovo náměstí)

Filip Sochor, also known as FiL, started making visual art more or less by accident during the covid era of 2020. As he was looking for ways how to cope with the difficult lockdown period, art helped him focus his mind elsewhere. He discovered something in himself that he probably inherited from his great-uncle, the renowned Czech painter Václav Sochor, who was in the 19th century a classmate of Mikoláš Aleš and Antonín Chittussi at the art academy. Filip’s biggest inspiration is street art, pop art and the world of fashion and picture magazines. His works are a response to the world around him; he enjoys transforming famous people from the present and recent past into a form that he would like to see in the media and in public space.

The exhibition is the result of an open competition announced by the Phundrado Vudar Gallery this summer with the aim to offer space also to non-professional artists.