Retrospect: International Roma Day

The exhibition entitled Celebrations of International Roma Day arose from the collaboration of photographer Lukáš Petr Tesař and his student Kateřina Neužilová. ARA ART has organized the gala evening to commemorate International Roma Day since 2015. Since the first year, this event has been documented by photographer Lukáš Petr Tesař. Since 2003 Lukáš Petr Tesař has been photographing mainly street art, overlapping social and minority topics such as homelessness, Roma issues, or the LGBT community. For the semicircular anniversary, at the 5th year of celebrations, which took place on April 8, 2019, at the Archa Theater in Prague, Michael also invited students from the Secondary School of Advertising and Art Creation. They photographed the whole event as part of a mentoring program. Lukáš Petr Tesař and his student Kateřina Neužilová had a joint workshop where they selected the photos which they presented at the exhibition.