International Day of Romani Language

Romani is an ancient Indian language. The number of speakers in Europe can only be estimated based on statistics from different countries between 4.6 and 12 million with a realistic average of around 6.6 million speakers. Unfortunately, it does not match the number of Roma people in the world. The reason was the assimilation policies of various states and repressive measures against the use of the Romani language. For example, in most families in the Czech environment, the mother tongue has stopped being passed down from generation to generation. Concerns about possible problems to which Romani speakers were exposed, especially in schools and other public institutions, pushed Romani to the very edge of social interest. The turning point was brought about only by the Czech linguist Milena Hübschmannová, who devoted most of her professional life to research, codification, and promotion of the Romani language. Also thanks to her, there has been a seminar on Romani studies at the Department of Central European Studies of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University for three decades.