Secret of the Nomadic Knights, outdoor escape game
14. March 2023

Secret of the Nomadic Knights, outdoor escape game

Experience an extraordinary adventure! Lets play an outdoor escape game taking place in mysterious alleys of Prague.
Are you able to solve ciphers, rebus and many more other secrets? Let us take you on a journey and finish it together, since you might find an enlightenment at the end.
Nomadic Knights and knights of Karvina - all of those are names of an ancient order of knights, you may have never heard about before. And that was always their intention. Follow their steps through streets of old Prague, reveal their biggest secret and let them to enlighten you.
Together with your guide - an expert in symbolism and knowledge of knightly orders - you can expect revealing of old mysteries and puzzles. 
We are sure that together we can face all pitfalls and uncover the real truth.
Our guide will find you…

Outdoor escape game is part of an accompanying program of a celebration of the International Roma Day. That is also the reason, why you can try it in certain dates for free! Choose date and make a reservation here