Theater of the Oppressed

ARA ART has been working with the method of the theater of the oppressed in cooperation with the Theater Two Times Three for several years. Each performance is always unique in its theme and the group of people who work on it. Since 2014, the following plays have been created using the method of the Theater of the Oppressed:

It doesn't end with leaving 

Klára has two small children, a part-time job, and the execution she did not do herself. Her husband abuses her mentally and physically. But the moment she musters enough strength to face it all, she begins to feel like the fairy tale protagonist: Needed Help in the Sight…

Not good enough 

Ema keeps experiencing that she is not good enough for anyone. At school, at home, anywhere. She finally meets a group of people with whom she feels very comfortable. She decides to change herself. But even friends can sometimes leave you in the lurch, and you can experience difficult times in your dream Prague...

Mother, a story from the street

Lucie has been living on the streets for several years. Her daughter grows up in an orphanage. Can Lucka grab the offered helping hand and reverse her destiny, or is hopelessness stronger?

Kaj miro than / Where is my place 

Věra is a skillful social worker, and she helps many of her clients quickly and efficiently. She is also known among them for her warm, kind approach. But how does her non-Roma environment cope with her working methods, which they consider non-standard, especially when these methods make Věra successful in her profession? And how does Věra cope with other differences that Věra's life in a Roma family and community naturally brings? And what about the neighbors from the barracks?

You won't pass 

Twenty-year-old Pepa, a first-year student at ČVUT, is getting ready for the party. A favorite DJ plays in a famous club, where the whole group goes. Friends are already inside; the night is young, the mood is good, and the atmosphere is full of expectations of a great party. But what is Pepa's surprise when the security guard at the entrance tells him that he will not let him in because the club is "full.”


The first Roma LGBT Workshop, organized under the auspices of ARA ART, is taking place in Prague. It is the first-ever organized meeting of LGBT Roma in history. At the end of a several-day working session, the leading lecturer, David, organizes a joint evening visit to a famous Prague gay club. Everyone is looking forward to it. For some participants, this is supposed to be the first-ever visit to a gay club in their lives. No one expects an unpleasant problem at the entrance…
In the years 2017 - 2018, ARA ART, together with partner organizations Acorus and Antikomplex, implemented the Theater of the Oppressed project (Project registration number: CZ.07.3.63 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_031 / 0000229), during which a documentary directed by Rozálie Kohoutová was created. You can read the evaluation report of the whole project here.