Alex comes from Serbia, he is 27 years old and his wish was to remain anonymous. So let's call him Alex. His father is Roma and his mother is Serbian. He grew up in a small town and was always surrounded by his sisters. When growing up, Alex acted like a girl - for example, with his movements, his speech and habits, but Alex wouldn't have thought that something was wrong. He knew from an early age that he had a different relationship with girls than his friends have had, he took them more as his half-sisters with whom he liked to spend time.

When Alex was seven years old, one of his friends, with whom he was spending time and playing together, did not come to their meeting one day. The next day, Alex came to his friend and asked him if something had happened because he hasn't arrived yesterday. His friend's answer was, "My parents forbid me to spend time with you because gypsies eat dogs." People from Alex's town spoke badly about the Roma people and forbade their children to spend time with them. As a result, Alex began to feel lonely and misunderstood in the society where he grew up. Alex was afraid that if people wouldn't talk to him because of his background, then what would they say about being Roma and also gay. That was why he stopped seeing people so much and preferred being alone.

During his high school years, he became accustomed to being bullied by others because he was Roma or gay. He had to go through constant bullying, ridicule and sometimes threats - once the schoolboys were waiting for him to beat him. Fortunately, he always had people protecting him, but Alex was upset that some people wanted to hurt him anyway. He felt rather sorry for the boys who thought about it at all and wanted to do something like that. Alex said: "I know it's not their fault because they grew up in a society where people are closed. I was judged because I behaved differently and looked different. ”Even though he realized it at the time, he still felt vulnerable and misunderstood.

When Alex was nineteen, he decided it was the right time to tell his sisters he is gay. Fortunately, his sisters are more open in this regard, so they had no problem with that. Alex has a half-brother who is also gay, so it was easier for him and he had support in him. Even though it's been a few years since he was coming out, it's still a sensitive topic for him and he doesn't like to talk about it.

When he started to attend university with a focus on construction engineering, he was not interested in establishing new friendships. After previous situations, he feared that they would treat him the same as he was treated in the past and that he would again be the target of ridicule and insults. The difference between college and high school is mainly the age and maturity of people, so he began to notice that his classmates approach certain things differently and are more open-minded. Alex, therefore, stopped being afraid and found new friends with whom he could spend time and found understanding and support.

While in college, he realized that he could confide to his closest friends that he was gay. Some friends were fine and supported him, but some of them he lost.
Once he went with his friend to the bar, they danced together and enjoyed the evening. After a while, she stopped and told him that she no longer wants to spend time with him, because she doesn’t want to be seen with someone who is gay and also Roma.

He still lives in the same city where he grew up. Unfortunately, he can't be who he is, because he could be in danger. He can't be himself, he has to be careful how he talks, how he moves and what his opinions are. Alex is constantly tired of pretending and is hurt, so he is constantly working on himself and focusing on his Master's degree so that he can move to a place where he does not have to be afraid and where he would have the opportunity to express himself as he wishes.