This time, let's introduce a young woman who decided not only to live her life according to the ideas of her loved ones but to be happy and to love as she imagines.

Denisa was born as an only child to a traditional Romani family in the Ústí nad Labem region. She was raised by her single mother. She says about herself that she was a study type, she never had a major problem in school or any other trouble.

When Denisa was growing up she preferred to hang out with boys, she felt that she belonged to their group more. She wouldn't think of herself that she liked girls, she just thought that she has nothing in common with them. During her teenage years, she started to date boys, but it wasn't something serious. However, a more serious relationship with a boy came when she was 20 years old. Her boyfriend asked to marry him and she said yes. Still, when they were engaged she started to think if she can love because she was trying hard to have some feelings towards him, but they never appeared. 

One day one of her friends asked her out for a drink. They had a few drinks and they were enjoying their evening. When Denisa came home she didn’t think about her friend in any way, she was just happy that they had a good time together. Next time her friend invited her over for a drink. While they were watching a movie, her friend kissed her. Denisa got scared a ran away. On the way home, she was confused and scared, because she liked the feeling when she was kissed by another girl.

She realized that she is attracted to women and she can’t marry her fiance. She was devastated because she knew that the whole family was going to be upset. She talked about it more with her friend and found the strength to tell her family about it. As she predicted, her family took it so badly that they didn’t want to talk to her and they still wanted the marriage to happen. It didn’t take them so long and they accepted her. 

She got together with her friend and they moved in together. They were in a three-year-long relationship but unfortunately, it didn’t work out for them. But she is grateful for that experience because she learned that she can love, but she just wasn’t with the right gender. 

In addition to life's difficulties and the search for sexual identity, Denisa has also completed a master's degree and now works as a clerk.