Jitka Hatinová

Jitka Hatinová is a proud Romani woman who is forty-five years old and comes from a small town called Cerhovice, near Beroun. Jitka is in a heterosexual relationship - marriage, but she gave us an interview from her parent’s view. Jitka's original profession was a nurse, but she soon found out that she had idealized this profession and it was not for her. At the elementary school in Žebrák, the opportunity arose to work as a teaching assistant in the school club. Before long, Jitka became the head educator, and on the recommendation of the principal, she decided to graduate from university. She went on to study for a master's degree in special pedagogy and then completed a study in speech therapy at Charles University. Since 2015, she has been working in the Kolping family Smečno as a consultant for families with children with neuromuscular diseases and works in 6-8 regions. She currently runs two counselling centres for carers in the Beroun and Hořovice regions. Jitka likes to travel and discover new cultures, she loves cooking for her loved ones, she likes to go to nature or swim, but most of all she likes to be with her family.

Jitka's daughter Natálie started a new job at seventeen, where she met Aneta, with whom they immediately clicked and were good friends. Jitka noticed that she spends most of her time with her new friend, and since she knew from her colleague from work that Aneta was a lesbian, she began to ask if they were anything more than friends or if Aneta was trying something on her. Natalie denied it at the beginning, claiming that there was nothing between them, but Jitka noticed how she was coming home all beamed and with a smile on her face and realized that it was more than just a friendship. 

After a while, Natálie came to her mother and told her that she no longer wanted to resist the feelings she felt for Aneta. Natalie had a two-year heterosexual relationship with a boy, but she explained to her mother that she didn't care about gender instead she cared about feelings towards the other person and if she was happy. Even though Jitka knew it, she was surprised and another fear occurred to her. She was not unhappy, nor ashamed of her daughter, that she was a lesbian, but Jitka fear that she would face double discrimination. She was worried about her daughter that it would be even harder because being a Romani and a lesbian is not easy.

Jitka herself learned that love is truly unconditional. The fact that her daughter has a girlfriend does not change the fact that she is still her beloved child. Jitka says: "Every mom likes her currently weakest child the most." This does not mean that Natalie is weaker because she is a lesbian, but her mother perceives her as more vulnerable and she is, therefore, more worried about her. Jitka adds: "Why should we idealize our children when we are not ideal ourselves." Fear is natural, but it should not stop us from loving our children.

Natalie was planning her 18th birthday party and wanted her girlfriend to be there with her. Jitka didn't have a problem with that, but she wanted Natalie to tell people, especially family, what was about to happen. She wanted them to be prepared and have time to deal with it because for some of them it could have been a little harder. It was important for Jitka to tell her grandparents, aunts and uncles because the fact that they are going on her eighteenth birthday is quite emotional for them and Jitka didn't want to embarrass them and neither of them could properly enjoy the celebration.

Jitka offers help in a safe environment to parents who are going through the same or similar situation. If you are afraid or do not know how to deal with it, do not hesitate to contact Jitka. You can contact her through FB - Jitka Hatinová.