Balkan LGBTQ

Balkan LGBTQI helps, supports and defends the interests of LGBTQI people from the Balkan countries. The role of the organisation is to fight any form of discrimination. 

Balkan LGBTQI NGO is part of the Rainbow House in Brussels. Rainbow house - just by the name it is clear what their purpose is. They are LGBTQI based, open to everyone without any judgment and they are doing workshops, they are throwing parties, helping people in need and educating other people. 

Even though some people would think that it is only for Balkan people, it is only the founders of the NGO that are from Balkan. They don't discriminate and they are open to everyone. 

How did it start? 

Bisar Alekov and his Roma gay friends were always welcomed at the Roma clubs, but they all had to hide that they were gays. One Saturday they decided to visit a gay club. At the door, they were refused entry and they were told it was a “private party”.
When Bisar searched online,  there was no such thing as a private party. They knew they were discriminated against.

Bisar complained to the Equality Bodies in Brussels after trying the week later: they repeated their attempts to enter, and they were again not allowed. After the intervention of the Equality Bodies the manager of the club asked Bisar out and they excused themselves. 

They needed a safe place. Together with a few friends, they have established a
small NGO to provide support to queer people who move to Brussel from Balkan countries.

One of their famous activities is their musical battle, better known as the “Balkan Party”. The aim is to break down barriers often faced by members of the LGBTQI and the boundaries between different Balkan communities themselves. They abide by the principle that anyone can enjoy spending time with others regardless of where they come from.

About RainbowHouse:

“The RainbowHouse is a haven where LGBTQI people and their friends can get information, enjoy a hearty welcome or simply meet up. Organizations, whether LGBTQI or non- LGBTQI unite in the RainbowHouse and organize numerous socio-cultural activities. The Rainbowhouse is also a bar open to anyone, a source of information and a reception centre that when necessary, can help anyone find their way to legal, social, psychological or medical assistance.
Since its creation in 2001, the Brussels LGBTQI+ network has not stopped expanding. The RainbowHouse harbours more than fifty member associations, including culture associations, feminist groups, sports clubs, associations for lifelong learning, for young people, for senior citizens and others.  
The RainbowHouse Brussels is located in the very heart of the second most cosmopolitan city in the world. Within this incredibly rich and varied setting, our umbrella organisation is given the privilege to develop and serve the community. The association network obviously reflects the image of this city as pluralist and  intercultural, as varied as the colours of the rainbow!
The RainbowHouse is, first and foremost, the home of one big family that aims to build a society free of stereotypes and discrimination, while promoting living together in peace and respect. Solidarity, inclusion, and equality are the values that we cultivate in our RainbowHouse.”