Although this example of good practice is not focused exclusively on the Roma LGBT+ community, it nevertheless significantly affects it and is extremely important for its quality of life. Especially for Roma youth who love social networks, they like to make contacts through them, look for all sorts of information, they need a space to share their joys and sorrows. Unfortunately, for those with a non-majority sexual orientation, standard social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are risky. They cannot confide in their problems because they are afraid of the misuse of sensitive personal information. Facebook in particular is full of fake accounts and the danger is quite high. Therefore, the entire LGBT+ community in Slovakia, regardless of skin colour, welcomed the creation of the first social network exclusively just for them.

duhy.sk (literally “rainbows .sk”) , as the network is called, was founded in mid-2020 by two young high school students, Marek Mach and Ondřej Vrábel. In this way, they have finally created a much-needed safe space where everyone can share their otherness with others, publicly or anonymously.

The fact that 1,500 people visited the site alone during the first 24 hours after its launch also testifies to how strongly members of sexually minorities felt the absence of a similar social network. Currently, after 9 months of existence, duhy.sk have 7,500 registered users, around 22,500 comments and hundreds of articles from the world of the Queer community…

For Marek and Ondra, despite their young age, duhy.sk is not the first project. Marek is the founder of the successful engaged initiative Young Against Fascism, while Ondřej is the author of the educational software Pinf Games for Children that focuses on children with mental disabilities and special educational needs.

Duhy.sk is not a dating site, but a truly full-fledged moderated social network where you can share your stories, experiences and worries. Thanks to this safe space, the feelings of loneliness almost disappear and you have the opportunity not only to establish friendships with others, but also to seek professional help.

All you need to do is simply to create your own profile. No one is forcing you to post your profile photo or name if you don't feel like it. However, every profile is verified, you won't find any fake ones here, because, webmasters use simple and secure authentication identity…

To top it all off, the authors of the project also created their own magazine @magazin.duhy.sk, where you will find interesting facts, news and information from the world of the LGBT+ community.

,, Dúhy.sk is an environment where Queer people have a chance to meet those who are in the same situation as them. Those who, due to fears of discrimination, struggle publicly with their orientation. All this within the framework of maximum anonymity and security, "says Marek Mach.

This is extremely important at a time when all other social media channels are infiltrated by hatred and prejudice. Not only queer youth is exposed to frequent insults, stereotyping and ridicule.. Duhy.sk will allow these people to feel free and honest with themselves and others without fear of bullying. What else could you wish for…
For more information about the portal, visit duhy.sk or the Instagram profile @duhy.sk
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