Photo: Lucie a Daniela Dostalkova
We are the soldiers of our ghetto!
I didn’t invite you!
Take a step back so we* can make a step forward.
Go ahead!
Kair Artist Residence Kosice, MeetFactory Prague 2021
Photo Credits: Vlado Eliaš
Robert Gabris is a Queer Roma entity who expresses himself through art. One of his installations is called ERROR (incorrect or wrong) where he is showing how he feels about the majority society labelling, fetishizing and stereotyping Romani LGBTQ+ people. He is demonstrating his thoughts on pictures which are still taboo for so many people. If you want to read it, you need to get closer and you need to face what Romani LGBTQ+ people are going through. On his web: you can see more pictures and more of his thoughts. We also wrote a personal story about Robert Gabris which is on our web: Stories of LGBT+ people of Romani origin.Kair Artist Residence Košice, MeetFactory Praha 2021
Photo credits: Vlado Eliaš
What’s worse?
Being Roma or being seen as Roma?     
Laughter as a resistance. 

I’m ashamed of myself, and that’s your fault.
Curatorial text from Karina Kotová:
“I’m ashamed of myself, and that’s your fault,” says the young non-binary Roma participant, one of 27 unique beings connected by the communal project ERROR initiated by the artist Robert Gabris. During his residency in Košice in the spring, Gabris used dating apps to meet representatives of the Roma queer and non-binary minority - a “multi-marginalized” community whose members are outsiders vis-a-vis both the majority society and the Roma ghetto environment from which this particular group hails. 

The photographs, printed on cloth, partially unstitched, form the core of Gabris's installation at the Moravian Gallery, along with texts - excerpts from their conversations together. Through the fabrics and networks of threads, the space becomes physically inaccessible, yet transparent. It is an exclusive place into which exhibition visitors can only view from the outside, because, from their usually privileged position, they are unable to fully understand it. 

This arrangement is also a demand on art institutions, which are attempting to become more inclusive places than they have been traditionally, to assume an even more radical position - to offer a space within their inclusivity for something quite exclusive; to provide a territorial space they cannot enter, only assist from outside with humility. The physical installation in the gallery is just one element in the whole project. In addition to the meetings with representatives of the aforementioned community, Gabris is also forging further alliances, with health centres, allied political representatives, non-governmental organizations and several further groups and individuals. The temporary space at this year's Jindřich Chalupecký Award exhibition is the testimony to the dream of creating a real, physical space that would be a safe environment for meeting, mutual care and development. 
We* are ERROR
We are a mistake for you.  
We agreed to build our own house at the end.
Exoticizing the Romani body is a fetish of painful pleasure for you.