The TV show Queer is a miniseries of documentaries in which Czech National Television has been participating since 2007. The show is primarily focused on mapping and discussing queer culture. By culture, let's understand the world of sexual minorities, in particular, the world of alternatives to stereotypical, traditional notions of human relationships - and not just gays and lesbians, but various other minority identities, the existence of which our Central European society has rather vague and still highly distorted ideas. 

Czech National Television has chosen the online counselling centre I WILL SAY IT as another topic for its miniseries of the TV show Queer.

About I WILL SAY IT counselling centre:

Ara Art responds to the critical situation of the Roma LGBT+ minority, which, as an object of various forms of disadvantage and multiple discrimination, is being pushed out of inclusive and integration policies and measures. The peripheral position of this community deepens their vulnerability and reinforces the risk of hate speech, stigma, homophobia and general social unacceptance.

That's why Ara Art decided to set up an online counselling centre. The aim of the project I WILL SAY IT is to break the taboo and work to boost the confidence of the people that are involved.
Concealing a different sexual orientation and gender identity is the only salvation from social isolation or ex-communication. Therefore, efforts need to be stepped up to remove obstacles that are publicly known and to strengthen defence intervention and the exercise of their rights at the national and European levels. This is an online counselling centre that LGBT+ Roma can turn to in case of help or questions. The counselling centre is also intended for parents who do not know how to deal with information that their child is gay or lesbian.

"In Romani traditional society, sexuality and related topics and different sexual orientations are a big taboo.

Thus, homosexuals are under great pressure in their community and can often be excluded. Romani gays or lesbians are thus exposed to three types of discrimination: society excludes them a) based on their ethnic origin, b) sexual orientation and c) they are excluded from their own community due to their homosexuality and thus become a minority in minority. This multi-layered discrimination is very stressful and leads to many unfortunate life stories.
That's why we decided to break this taboo and work to strengthen the self-confidence of Roma gays and lesbians. "

Many directors took part in the miniseries of the TV show Queer, and one of them was David Tišer from Ara Art. "I am glad that such a show exists in our country. Its format can address, inform and expand our horizons. We have been working on the topic of Roma LGBT+ for several years and we are glad that they also focus on Roma people in the TV show. ”

Photo from gallery ČT 2: Řeknu.to