I am a man.
I'm Roma.
And it’s all set. I will have a wife, family, children, go to soccer matches with my brothers on the weekends and will share a few beers after. Dad and Mom will be proud of what a man I've become.

But what if I don't want to? What if such a life is a punishment for me? There are so many thoughts running through my head, but none of them are about girls…
Luboš from work is sexy ... What? I said it out loud! And what's wrong with that? Nothing. I know that. You know that. Maybe. But what will my family say? My friends? Will I still be their “little Andrejek", or will I become a boy who is "broken" and needs to be fixed? As a best case scenario! Or my family will get rid of me…
You haven't met the real girl, yet!

That's because of the fashion today! Boys dress up more than girls! And they keep on talking about their feelings, and cry too! Guys never cried when we were young!
What kind of a Roma is he! There have never been gay guys among the Roma! Get out of my house!
We have all heard similar and even worse quotes. But what about the Roma? On the www.araart.cz website they roughly mention that sexual orientation is a big taboo in traditional Roma society. Homosexuals are under pressure and can often be expelled from the community.
Roma gays or lesbians are negatively judged not only on the basis of their ethnic origin, but also their sexual orientation.
And so they become a minority within a minority…
Isn't that too much for one person?

Yes, it is, and that is why the ŘEKNU.TO (literally “I will say it”) counselling center was established, where not only Roma gays and lesbians, but also their parents, other relatives or friends who do not know what to do, can seek professional aid and support.
If you are looking for help, this counselling center is the ideal solution. Just visit the Ara Art  website, araart.cz (udělat jako proklik), and under the button ROMA LGBT+ click on reknu.to, and there you will learn all the possibilities you have and you can also find a consultant. Of course, you can also find details about the counselling center on Facebook. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or meet in the park (when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted), or just chat – all based on the agreement with the counsellors who share similar experiences and are also Roma and gay.

"I work as a consultant for the Ústí Region. I was mostly contacted by teenagers from the age of 16. Predominantly by girls who went through their coming-out. They were addressing reactions of their parents and their closest ones. I remember that I was even contacted by a woman from England who had a husband and children and knew she was not heterosexual and wanted to tell her husband about her orientation.

Probably the most dramatic situation occurred when we were contacted by a boy who wanted to commit suicide. In the end, no major intervention was necessary, the boy was already contacted by a worker in his area, "confides Denisa, a consultant who works for reknu.to.

Although it's sometimes hard to believe, you are never alone for anything… And especially not at all for dealing with this.